November 10, 2010


OK, this is the psyche myself up and motivate myself post. I have today and tomorrow off and I want to be accomplished damn it! I feel like a slug due to being a woman this week. Blech. So this means it takes extra motivation. Too icky for skating but not too icky to be productive and slightly social.

Totally awesome To Do List for today
Laundry and put clothes away
Art journaling
Knit like woah
Grocery shop (farm and store)
Start organizing craft stuff
Then hang out with a friend for the evening

Totally awesome To Do List for tomorrow
Hopefully finish organizing craft junk
Retake all my listing photos for Artfire so I can have more items!
Gut a pumpkin so I can cook seeds
Knit even more like woah
Art journal everyday!

Ok after I post this I HAVE to get off the internet and get moving. This is the super charge for the day. Jenna I think I found my motivation. It's called making a damn list, turning off the internet, and getting up off your ass. Annnnnnd BREAK!

Edit: Got most of it done! This post helped. Posting meant I had to try get it going or else I'd be lying to my readers :)

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