June 27, 2010

Better than Martha Part 2: Health care

Now for part two. Below are the items that I made which were evidently for roller derby injuries. It's good that I took the herbal classes last year. Funny thing is that till recently I never really got hurt, or even sick for that matter so any remedies I did make were not for me.

Because of my many derby bruises I felt it was about time I make use of my herbal apprenticeship and make myself an Arnica salve. I also added some Chamomile for skin care. I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes. I made the base oil from grapeseed oil a while ago and finally got around to making the salve. I liked that it didn't leave my skin super greasy. The recipe made a perfect amount for this container. I didn't add an essential oil or any thing since I'm not turned off by the scent it has. I plan on stashing it in my gear bag.

Another new derby staple of life is my heating pad. I had rice around and a sock that didn't fit around my now muscular calves. Little did I know, till I googled, that was all I needed to make a heating pad. I microwaved it for a couple of minutes and sat back and relaxed while my knee was warmed up for healing. In the future I'll add some herbs or oils to make it smell pretty.

I'm sure as I continue with derby I'll be making more. The next entry will be about cleaning stuff.

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