April 8, 2010

Roller Derby = Awesome

So this past Tuesday was an exciting and nerve wracking night. It was our scrimmageable assessment that would earn us our name and also the chance to be on a home team. It went well. We skated with a vet and did all the assists (whips) and took and gave hits. It was quicker than I thought it would be. We went ahead with practice afterwards. Eventually we did the second half of the assessment which consisted of scrimmaging. It went pretty well.

Once that was all done, it was a waiting game. They wanted to tell us that night and in person so we had to entertain ourselves till then. The Killah Bees were practicing so at least we were entertained. It took the coaches almost an hour before they started to call us over. I was so anxious for my turn. I knew I did well but I just get really nervous and I'm bad at waiting.

It was finally my turn. Rhode Kill had a big smile on her face so I was thinking to myself that it may be hopeful. They told me that I made it! There were high-10's all around. I was so damn proud of myself. I just need to be more proactive in the pack. To be honest I get lost when I know they are watching and assessing me during scrimmage. I was told I have a good hip hit. Now I need to be a pain in the ass and use it more often. I think in last nights practice I already played better because I wasn't being tested anymore.

Sadly my camera died so please excuse the phone camera quality.

Speaking of last nights practice, I got to use my new Atom Tracker wheels (and laces) that I bought. It's amazing how much of a difference having grippy wheels makes. I wasn't sliding everywhere so I was more comfortable and I felt I was faster. I still need to break them in so I can plow stop again. It was amusing in the beginning of practice because I earned my new name. I'm now Natasha Fatality. I was so lost when people would yell my name. I had no idea they were talking to me. It's going to be something to get used to. When we were scrimmaging I also scored 2 points in the last jam!

I seriously never thought I would love a sport as much as I <3 Roller Derby.


  1. I LOVE the photo! And ... I can read between your lines and perceive the appeal in Roller Derby!

  2. Thanks! I had to post up the change in the skates. The pink laces had to go. They totally clash with orange wheels. :)
    It's so exciting being part of something so empowering and challenging.